Community Guidelines

Spirit of the Place

"In the age of Perfect Virtue...they were upright and correct, without knowing that to be so was Righteousness; they loved one another, without knowing that to do so was Benevolence; they were honest and leal-hearted, without knowing that it was Loyalty; they fulfilled their engagements, without thinking that they were conferring or receiving any gift. Therefore their actions left no trace, and there was no records of their affairs."

--Kwang Tze, as translated by James Legge in The Texts of Taoism, 1891

Though the words above are more than 2400 years old--and they describe a civilization thought to be at least a thousand years older than that--they describe the kind of community OriginalVoice wants to be.

It's a place where people are free to try on a new "voice" or way of being without embarrassment or undue self consciousness: "they fulfilled their engagements, without thinking they were conferring or receiving any gift."

In keeping with that spirit, there aren't a lot of rules here. The place runs on mutual respect: you giveth, you getteth. And because those of us who host the conversations here are fierce about keeping this a safe place, things that make the neighborhood dangerous are likely to get challenged or deleted: personal attacks, plundering, arson...

The Specifics

One of the benefits--and challenges--of the Internet is that our words, once published, tend to stay around for a long time. Unlike the age of Perfect Virtue, when "their actions left no trace, and there was no records of their affairs," you can expect that what gets printed on the OriginalVoice site will be here tomorrow. Therefore, a few specifics around the words printed on this site:

You write it, you own it. This means both that you retain copyright and that you accept responsibility for what you've uploaded. It also means that hosts will not edit your words (though they might, on rare occasion, need to delete a comment).

Of course this raises the question about what would get a comment deleted...Here's the list, which no doubt will be an ongoing work in process:

  • As noted above, comments that make the site unsafe
  • Spam, or use of the site for promoting websites or advertising merchandise. (If you know of a service or product that you feel will genuinely help community participants, let me know about it for possible inclusion in our "Allies" or "Resources" section.)
  • Anonymous comments. Because so much of the activity here is about being heard and seen, we require all participants to use a real name (yours!) for posting.