OriginalVoice: The Company and the Web Site

When I first set about building this site, it was to be a showcase for OriginalVoice Consulting LLC. I wanted to highlight our services and share some resources to help people and organizations develop their "voice," or authentic way of expressing themselves. Over time—and after conversations with people hungry for a new kind of online community—this place evolved into the neighborhood you see before you.

Our Premise

OriginalVoice Consulting is built on the premise that each of us has a voice—a way of being in the world, a signature presence—that is as unique to each of us as our DNA. Our services are designed to unbind that voice so that the message in it can be as clear and accessible as possible.

Whether you are articulate or clumsy in the way you speak or write, whether your message is close to the surface or still deeply buried, we will help you find the seed in it and bring it to life. OriginalVoice Consulting offers the following services:

  • EDITING: Whether you have a manuscript in process or need help in clarifying the message in an important document or conversation, we will work with you to focus and flesh out your thoughts.
  • WORKSHOPS: Clear messages come from a clear purpose. Our workshops are designed to help find the "center of gravity" of your life, the unique message in it.
  • GROUP FACILITATION: Just as individuals have a unique message and voice, so also do groups. Sometimes it takes a skilled convener to find the core tone of the gathering, or even more deeply unveil the group's purpose.
  • CONSULTING SERVICES: Perhaps you are not working on a project or trying to clarify a message, but wish to explore your own original voice. Our consulting services provide trustworthy guidance to individuals and groups on the journey to discovering their signature tone.

Our Original Voice makes us wonderfully unique and at the same time part of the larger Sound of humanity. We would be delighted to collaborate with you in this remarkable work at the center of our lives.

OriginalVoice Consulting, LLC