We're glad you found us. We are an online community built on the premise that each of us has a voice--a way of being in the world, a signature presence--that is as unique to us as our DNA. Those who take part in this network are interested in developing that voice, whether it be through words, or visual arts, or movement--in any way it might find expression.

Photos by Cheyne Morris

This Original Voice

Cliff Penwell
Cliff Penwell

You may recall the old saying, "The best fertilizer is the farmer's footsteps." That phrase came to mind the other night as I was planting a new lawn, spreading seed over a strip of ground I recovered from an old weed patch. Because I didn't have a roller to press the seed into the soil, I decided to walk the patch in my bare feet. I hadn't thought of my feet as rollers—let alone fertilizer—before, but on that moist evening as I pressed my toes and heels into the seed, I understood the words blessing and presence in a new way. And that's what we are reaching for with OriginalVoice: a place where we can let our experiments with our voice and our conversations be used as fertilizer, or compost if you will, to grow a new crop of creation. Read More...