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SandPaintings is a place to experiment, a playful way to try on a new voice. Here's how it works: Each week our hosts offer a creative challenge. Your job is to put voice to it in any way that you can imagine (and our site can accommodate). For example, you might want to address the challenge with a painting (which you'll photograph and upload) or perhaps a poem or other written piece, or a song, or… We only ask that submissions follow the guidelines that apply to the rest of the site, and that they take up less than 2 Mb per person on our server. Ladies and gentlemen, start your crayons…

Your Host: Cheyne Morris

Cheyne brings a robust enthusiasm developed over fifteen years in the field of education, in the public, private, and tertiary sector. She has led programs that enhanced personal development in South Australia, United States and South Africa. These programs place a strong emphasis on the nature of the individual and how to access authenticity thereby gaining fulfillment in one's career and personal life.

SandPainting #1

What Enhances Your Life?

For some it may be people (their partner, grandchildren a close friend); others nature (a place; the night sky) others it may be their spirituality (the embodiment of that or some of the qualities it evokes). Whatever it is for you, can you depict this in a visual form that is unique for you?

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Elisa Brown

Chelsea Wallace

Sarah Carlson

Kerry Beck

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